Starting Well (one-to-one)


Moving on? New challenge? Different job?
Want to avoid some of the mistakes or issues from previous contexts?

We sometimes have a focus on ending of finishing well, but how can you start well?

The workbook and the 1-1 (60-75 minutes) with me focus on four key areas:

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Investment £95
Starting Well (eLearning)

the eLearning version

If you would like to explore Starting Well at your own pace, when it suits you, then opt for the elearning version which has a workbook and five short videos covering Key tools, Bringing, Binning, Procuring and Prioritizing.  Each of the five sessions has 4-5 practical questions or exercised for you to reflect on and the final session includes completing a summary grid so you can see at a glance what you need to start well. 

When the PayPal process is complete you will be sent a link to the videos and your workbook immediately

Investment £50
Spiritual Health Check Up or Review

Why a Spiritual Health Checkup?

My Spiritual Health Check Up programme is for you if you: 

  • want to invest in some spiritual self-care to enhance your spiritual well-being
  • feel in need of a spiritual MOT, an opportunity to focus on your spiritual health to optimise flourishinG
  • are experiencing a sense of disconnect or struggle and wondering what the issue is

Some people call this spiritual pain

Our spiritual health involves fulfilling our potential and flourishing, an inner joy, a sense of connectedness and wellbeing, understanding our purpose. 

If you are experiencing issues in your physical or mental health then you would think about an appointment to see someone who can help or look at changes in your life and lifestyle. 

Just as we can have a check up for our physical health, we can have one for our spiritual health.  Understanding what makes for good spiritual health can help you identify, adjust and adapt aspects of your life which are impacting your spiritual wellbeing.   

Taking time for some spiritual self-care through the Spiritual Health Check Up can have a positive impact on other areas of your life too.  Body, mind and spirit are all interlinked but sometimes we neglect the spirit because we are not sure how to strengthen our spiritual well-being. 

Benefits of a  Spiritual Health Checkup

By investing in yourself through a Spiritual Health Checkup you will: 

  • understand the four elements of spiritual wellbeing which make up our spiritual health:
  • personal – our relationship with ourselves 
  • communal – our relationship with others 
  • transcendental – our relationship with something or someone  beyond ourselves, our meaning and purpose 
  • environmental – our connection with nature and the environment so that you have a greater awareness of how to nurture your spiritual health
  • learn and try spiritual and reflective exercises and practices that positively enhance wellbeing in the four areas so that you become more resourceful spiritually  
  • go away with a plan that enables you to thrive in all four areas of your spiritual health and well being

1 to 1 Personalised Version 
What's Included

   A six module programme consisting of:

  • A workbook for each  module (this will take a minimum of an hour to complete but it will be something you will want to come back to revisiting ideas and exercises)
  • A 1-1 hour long zoom session with me for each of the six modules to explore your responses to the questions and activities
  • A review of six spiritual health logs which you complete during the programme
  • A private Facebook group with further resources
  • An action plan to continue to prioritize and enhance your spiritual health
Investment £450

Spiritual Health Review

If you want to take the first steps in exploring your spiritual health with me then book a Spiritual Health Review.  This involves:

  • a workbook where you evaluate yourself against the 4 areas of spiritual health
  • goal setting
  • a 1-1 hour with me on zoom to review and explore your reflections
Investment £95

To book on to either version of the course or to arrange a call to discuss whether one of the options would be a good fit for you email:
12 Concepts & 40 Questions to Clarify Your Purpose

In a time of change or transition?

My course 12 Concepts and 40 Questions to Clarify Your Purpose can help you explore your purpose in life and help you identify what is meaning-making and life giving for you.

I introduce the concepts and questions in a 30 minute webinar which you can watch as often as you like. Also included is a downloadable workbook with all the concepts and questions in it.

The final four questions are designed to help you draw out your learning and identify a purpose statement.

Sally has spent 35 years working in education and working with individuals and groups to help them explore purpose, meaning and vocation. She has distilled much of this experience into the course.

The course is non refundable and for the use of the purchaser only

If you want to use it as a group course then contact

When the PayPal process is completed you will be sent a link to the videos and workbook immediately

Investment £30
Vicarious Shame

Vicarious Shame
(not in my name shame)

Offer for groups or teams: 

One hour live training on Zoom or Teams contextualised to your setting plus short article on Vicarious Shame to send out beforehand

£200 or £150
for charities and faith sector

Book by emailing


Feedback from someone who commissioned the training for their chaplaincy team:
In my opinion ‘Vicarious Shame for Chaplains’ by Rev Dr Sally Nash is a very useful resource.  It reveals real life situations and examples of vicarious shame and is equally relevant not only for Chaplains but also for anyone in ministry or community work.

It is practical and can be applied both personally and professionally. It is definitely a good point of reference if you want to explore shame and the negative effects it can have.

Rev Emmanuel Bwalya

Sally Nash - Learning & Research